"Through the Web, Darkly" - Reading Tips

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My latest book (2019), "Through the Web, Darkly", is about privacy, anonymity, and how and why to access and use the dark web. It is self-published, and is available for free and as donation-ware. Check it out! Give a copy to your friends!

If you liked any part(s) of this document or just found it to be useful, please make a small donation via PayPal to wvh@vonhagen.org or in Bitcoin to 35DnXM3Fg9zvirbraGmUGecLy7EPZiBWsT. Thanks! Information wants to be free, but I'm not totally philanthropic ;-)

I will keep updating and expanding this, so stop by and download it again any time.

PDF tested in standard viewers, and looks fine when imported into the Amazon Kindle app (though fonts are tiny and must be enlarged). EPUB verion tested in Linux/MacOS Caibre, MacOS EPUB Viewer, and MacOS BookReader.