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My Hacking the TiVo book was released August 13, 2003. The second edition was released in August, 2004. TiVos are great machines, and this was a fun book to do. TiVo hackers extraordinaire musclenerd and embeem did the technical editing for the 2nd and 1st editions, respectively, and were a tremendous help - I can't thank them enough. There are some typos, but they're all my fault. Send me mail if you have comments!

This page contains corrections, software that I somehow left off the CD, and other useful TiVo tidbits. If you find a problem in the book or think of anything that should be here, please let me know.

NOTE: Because the 2nd edition is now out and the CD in that edition is substantially better and more up-to-date than the one in the 1st, you can download the ISO for the CD from the 1st book by clicking here. It's 200+ MB, so don't do this casually. As I said in the book, most of the software on this CD is the work of true TiVo hackers from the community. They deserve the lion's share of the credit for this CD - I primarily just put it all together and organized things. Their names are listed in the front matter of each edition of the book and also where each bit of software is discussed.

DirecTiVo Hacking

As I said in the book, I'm primarily a standalone TiVo user and have limited experience with DirecTiVo,s especially Series2 DirecTiVo's. A reader was kind enough to send me a summary of using the second edition of my book and his own research to get USB networking up and running on a DirecTiVo 7000, and allowed me to post this on my site. Click here for details. Thanks a million, Rob!

Errata for the Second Edition

Errata for the First Edition

I have not had any other specific reports of missing software from the CDs in the book. If you're aware of anything else that is missing, let me know ASAP via email and I'll post it here.

Thanks for buying the book! I hope that it was useful to you.