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"Professional Xen Virtualization" Page

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My Professional Xen Virtualization book was released January, 2008. Xen is a great virtualization technology, the only such technology supporting paravirtualization as well as hardware virtual machines. Send me mail if you have comments!

This page contains corrections, suggested enhancements, recognition for the people who actually provided these, and links to the scripts in the book. If you find a problem in the book or think of anything that should be here, please let me know.


The errata in this section is organized into four categories: Enhancements, which augment the information found in the book, Formatting problems that affect the correctness or readability of the book, Prose problems, which are typing or sematic problems that I made, and Technical, which are errors affecting the technical correctness of the book (regardless of how they occurred).


Thanks to the following people for catching (and reporting!) these errors:


Thanks for buying the book! I hope that it is useful to you.